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by raana, Monday, September 11, 2017, 11:41 PM (13 days ago) @ v123
edited by raana, Monday, September 11, 2017, 11:47 PM

City.   : Banglore
Date :_____/09/2017 escrow
_____/09/2017  Transaction
Trade Fund transfer Company to Trust(new- work).
Meeting point:-
Day 1 process--   Escro
____09-2017 (11. 00 am --12.00 noon)
............................... hotel
W party authorised person will reach with id proof and authority letter to meet with B party person at given time.
The Escrow amount will be Rs 15 Lacs ( new) only
  W   party will book the hotel Room   by own expenses (+ joint name of B party Person) After executing Escrow, no one is allowed to stay in the room ,unless the Escrow is mutually taken back on successful completion of the Transaction or Forfeited due to Failure of any Party.            
Day 2: On   ____/09/2017
       Both Authorised person will   meet at 9.00 am and direct   move to the nearest -branch - ICICI Bank   , for   a fresh statement/balance PRINT OUT  by bank manager cabin only.
    It Must be completed Last Upto 9.30 --10.00 am only .
- After account /balance verification , Both party will move to material Location And B Party will show cash to W party within 10-11 am only.
-    The cash location must be within 1•5 km max.   radius of the meeting point.
     After random checking   being satisfied   W party   will   call   his   counting team for Q & Q   work.

- During this B party shall share KYC with bank details for Rtgs and   project   details.              -Trust has to keep ready all the trust details like registration certificate, 80G cft, 12AAcft, resolution for getting   donation, requisition for donation, pancard of trust, pancards of trusties, pancard of authorizing & authorized person, approved project details And "Receiving capacity letter from trusty's Banker is most urgently /essentially required. & without this Rtgs PROCESS will not proceed.

- Donor party has to bring  the permission  to   donate, resolution for donation, papers prooving status of fund, donation letter and   also   provide   RTGS permission  letter.
-    Once   Q & Q process   completed, W party will hit   RTGS & will give UTR no. After that B party can verify the balance by IN & OUT SYSTEM.Then only   allow company to lift the material from Location.
- In the meantime all documents formality   will be executed.
- After Successful Transaction work , W party shall give no claim letter/ donation letter by mail and hard copy will be couriered on the given address. All other necessary documents if any also will be exchanged.
- After satisfactory completion of work both parties will do MOU for further work.
Media commission will be   settalled.
Residential, owner resi/cum office, crowded area ,narrow Street, Bank,Religious place school, temple place,jungle area, angaria place. Government building.Upper floor, basement & place will not accept. No CCTV cameras allowed for Liquid work.

Terms and conditions excepted..

Signature of Party A

Signature of Party B

Date. .._____/9/17
Contact my whatsapp 9500515544

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