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Mr.Sai Krishna, Vysag, 100% proven fraud/Cheater (General)

by SRISAI, Saturday, March 26, 2016, 07:16 PM (457 days ago)

Mr.Sai Krishna, Vysag, Andra Pradesh
Dear All,

Please be noted that the above named person has cheated me very recently. He often posting about DRP with following information:

RR:3 1/2
Weight 1 Kg
water/torch: 8 inches in 10-20 seconds
Article: Lotta

He talks in Telugu and Hindi.

He will ask Buyers to come to Vysag, naturally Buyer will not go there, they may ask him to bring it to any major city. Then, he may ask for conveyance in the form of fuel expenses for travelling by car from Vysag to your destination. He may talk like a honest person, you too believe and make the payment to given bank account number. After receiving the payment he will say, he already started, Driving the vehicle , call you back etc. There after he never attend the call and switch for few hours. By the time the Buyer would have made 100 of calls and realised they have been cheated. While you make call after few hours from other number, he may disconnect after hearing your voice. He may send sms as "caught with acticle" He is a beggar. Fraud. The same way I was also cheated him, I made Rs.8000/- to the following account number on 24.06.2016., we spent money and days, waited at Bangalore for 2 days gone from Chennai and wasted almost Rs.50,000/-rupees because of his fraudulent attitude/false information. Any one found him, take him to Police and get back money of mine. He has cheated many people lie me. Don't entertain this kind of criminals in the forum. Any one is coming with fraudulent attitude, they should be identified to all the users in the form and they should be boycotted by all.

In fact we arranged a cab on our expenses from Vysag to pick him up and bring to Bangalore. He said he got a car , only need fuel expenses.

State Bank of India
A/c No.35313622644
IFSC: SBIN0000886
Narsipatnam Main Branch, he said she is his wife.

His residence address given by him (I don't know whether it is correct or not?)

MVP New Colony
Opp: DRDO Office
Sector 9, Vijayaja Flat
Number 201
Pin: 530 017.

His contact mobile Nos. 9703872080 / 7036135194. I have his sms communication which is evident for his fraudulent activity. It is accepted in Indian Courts as evidence. I have Bank remittance voucher also.

Vysag people can get his address if above is not correct and help me. I have to take suitable & serious legal action against the criminal shortly.

Please spread the news to all our members and known people in Vysag to catch him and handover to Police to get him maximum punishments. So far he has cheated many people, this I came to know while I was talking to someone near Bangalore few days back in person.

Any one likes to help me, in case wants SMS/payment voucher challan, I can share via mail.

One more request to all members, please take continuous efforts in genuine manner and never attempt to cheat anyone. The Superpower is watching us always!!


SriSai, Chennai.

This fellow could be Gunuganti Shiva Prasad - surely

by RPB, Saturday, March 26, 2016, 07:43 PM (457 days ago) @ SRISAI

Dear Sri Sai,

This kind of activist in this business was only one fellow who is using other person's cell numbers, other person's A/c numbers (suppose if he resides in a lodge: He takes boy's numbers, if he stays in any rented house, he takes house owner's a/cs that he has to receive money to repay his debts).

This fellow could be "Gunuganti Shiva Prasad" from Andhra region itself... and read the following link:

You can find his ID, ADDRESS, PAN everything. But we came to know that he was thrown away guy from their family.

So this street beggar habitually cheat others by this kind of fraud. He says the same reason with everybody after he taken money.

So beware and don't be foolish to pay your money to any unknown or unseen fellows online by hearing their folk stories.

First of all, this RP/DRP business or contacts or mediators 99.99% are purely FRAUD.
So just aware of them and do any legitimate business and grow yourself.

Thanking you

This fellow could be Gunuganti Shiva Prasad - surely

by SRISAI, Sunday, March 27, 2016, 04:38 PM (456 days ago) @ RPB

That fellow again given ad saying real RP.Please caution your circle members and not only he, there are like minded other people also in the forum. Some people indirectly support his activity here!!

Mr.Sai Krishna, Vysag, 100% proven fraud/Cheater

by Paparao, Sunday, March 27, 2016, 11:55 AM (456 days ago) @ SRISAI

You are only doing the fraud bussines
Like rp and Drp if really you have all
The proofs also they will not file a case for 8 thousand
First they will arrest you for doing this fraud bussines
I am advocate so 1 st you has to be caught and
Punished by law for this type of activities Sri sai

Mr.Sai Krishna, Vysag, 100% proven fraud/Cheater

by SRISAI, Sunday, March 27, 2016, 04:36 PM (456 days ago) @ Paparao


I too Legal Advisor on Labour Laws. It is knowingly sold as duplicate RP for license purpose. Don't try to threaten a Professional, I am worried how you are supporting such frauds? What is your real name and where are you?? I don't think a decent Laywer will write like this!!

Mr.Sai Krishna, Vysag, 100% proven fraud/Cheater

by foodie7, Sunday, March 27, 2016, 07:35 PM (456 days ago) @ Paparao

Haha Paparao you yourself are a fraud. In other post u say that you are Software Developer and now you are saying you are advocate:*D . If you were any of these then you won't ever be here in this RP business. Stop fooling people. Strict action should be taken against such fools.

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