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by numerouno work, Thursday, January 12, 2017, 12:21 PM (164 days ago)

It's already proven that in India only we can make real Chemical DRP with all tests. All members can directly what's app me on-08240855173 with your name & number & place. or everyone can mail me on-

Why we r ahead of all other makers?-
We r using proper iridium, platinum,uranium & other powerful chemicals from outside German Companies. We have a direct link up with the channel to get this powerful & dangerous chemicals.

Why Not others?

They don't have lab, Their Chemists etc.etc. All the infrastructure we have & I have a great maker & a wonderful team so that we can deliver the material all time every time.

What R the instruments we r using & books?

We followed books from year 1967 Griffith's books & other books. The equipment which we have I don't think anyone can have it. For all the real pictures of books, videos & equipment's kindly what's app me on-08240855173 or everyone can mail me on-

Videos- U can get current tests on recent news paper & also our clients testing with their own hand as well.

Costing- It's just low as per your pocket permits. Just do the business start with us from now on.

Well have Chemicals & we can do it in any copper metals like- Coin, Bowl, Lota & others.

What the tests U can get from us?

MR, RR, Anti Iron, Torch, Bulb, Watch, Film test & washable, Colour change & dust etc.


by Yogiraj, Friday, January 13, 2017, 03:17 PM (163 days ago) @ numerouno work

Fraud! Fraud! Fraud!
Numerouno work urf arvind roy urf saumyadeep basu
Guys dont trust this person whatever video he sending you just fake ask him for his client detail till now as he gave any one article of drp No No No......

He known other then golden king
Who asking people money to send against gold once u send money thn who are u?
If u want to see saumyadeep basu record u can search on google simply his name u can see his all fraud records

He basically from kolkata
His wife name sweta nag both doing together this fraud business

So plz dont waste ur hard work earn money on this guy

Already logo ki badhdua kha kha ke bichara kutte ki jindagi mar raha hai

If u want to trap this idiot tell am interestd then go to his place meet him and aftr some time just inform cbi and catch him to jail
Delhi police already put reward on this idiot worth rupees 5 lakh atleast u can this

So be smart and entertain this idiot that you are interestd and once u meet him in hotel just call police

Dont worry he cant run becoz he smoke 100 of cigrate in a day

1 tight slap enuf him to die :)

Drp detail deta hai ask him tere baap ne bhi banaya hai kya kabhi

He just showing u trick
Put rice in magnet water for whole night

Then he put magnet inside blanket that u cant seee upper side put paper n keep a coin u will see copper attracting rice but fact is inside magnet pulls
Needle test also same becoz of magnet put inside blanket thats why its moves
Bulb test he put extra wire on holder

He start bulb u go near its offf

Its just a trick showing and people belive and give hime money to make drp for us
I already talk to many person who cheated by him
All videos are trick
So be carefull
If u want to earn money just catch that idiot and give to delhi police
011 2436 0213
Guys u only think if u really know abt somthing will u share ur secret NO na
He already mention u book name chemical name its so funny......

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