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moneymakerb2w has no name (General)

by mohansai2014, Monday, September 11, 2017, 05:26 PM (130 days ago)

Moneymaker b2w is no.1 fraud. All people
Posted many posts in forums. Some gets success
Some get don't success. I have account from
3 years. But any one have proof that I cheated
Any person. If yes come with evidence.
And prove.Otherwise just don't follow this
words. He scared to put his name instead
Of moneymakerb2w. Hahahaha. We can understood
His genuity. Infant I am rarely posted my name.

Check Mohansai 3 year posts then contact him.

by moneymakerb2w, Monday, September 11, 2017, 06:15 PM (130 days ago) @ mohansai2014

Mohansai is now in mood of argument of success and failur because now he trapped.
I ask you to buy same coin from me will u buy yes or no? This show ur work power and how much genuine people. U selling at 40lac buy from me at 10lac same coin.

Dumbo mohan unlock then money within 1hr i have account show ur work power either sit back and keep quiet. Can u preform Yes or No?

Why u asking other people for loan or seeking grantor for ur loan why they give grantee for u?

May be u have to bad credit in bank and in ur family, relatives that they not provide u grantee.

Some time u sell coin or sugar or seeking direct seller or offering ad sense account and want 50% profit go see ur face in mirror.

If u dont have money to buy mirror then dont ask loan for this also.

Exposing name never show genuine or fake.

Work and word show how much genuine u r.

But in this case u are totally time money wasting person.

If u can perform any work that i offer proof urself don't argue with me.

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