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Get a loan from Bank or NBFC (personal loan only) (General)

by loan.advisor91, Wednesday, September 13, 2017, 10:25 PM (160 days ago)

Dear All,

I have worked for many years as loan documents verification by third party for several nationalized and private bank particularly for retail loan. Those who are in need of loan then can contact me via email or here.

First of all what i can see in Rice-Puller and other forums like quickr and olx, there is some fraudulent people who are offering loan at 3% and saying to apply for the loan and then they start asking for small fees, may be wither as processing fees or insurance fees or in some other form, they try to cheat people. And the person who really in need of a loan, feels very helpless at that moment and generally fall victim of these fraud. So my request to all of you no to get into the trap of such offer, it will only drain you pocket with out any result.

Now coming to the point, why i am writing this post here. I really want to help those people who are really in need of a loan , but every lender will check your repayment capability. This is obvious for all be it a banker or private money lender or any other lender. But as far as verification is concerned, that is altogether a separate chapter, and most of the banks generally do verification by third party, and i am one of the them who worked for 12 years for a verification firm which is generally hired by the banks or NBFC.

So there is some trick, how to get your verification done and how to convince a bank or NBFC, theat u r the right candidate to get a loan from them, i will not reveal those tricks, rather i will help you to get the loan if someone is facing any such problem. As far as CIBIL score is concerned , if you have low CIBIL score then dont worry, u may not get high amount of loan , but u will get some amount of loan. Those who have missed some EMI in between then also u need have to worry, you will also get the loan, only those people who have totally stopped the repayment in their early loan are not eligible for my offer.

If anybody is unemployed and seeking a small loan, i can given them some trick to get the loan, so dont worry at all.

So please follow what you have to do, if you are interested to take a loan:-
(1) First send an email to, that you are interested.
(2) I will take your documents and will analyse it in own way how to get a loan for you, and will revert you back if a loan can be in offer for you within 7 days.
(3) I will not take a single penny as upfront charges, however everybody works for some money(which should be reasonable to the work). After your loan get sanctioned and credited to you, i will take 2% of the loan amount. But only after you get the loan amount, not before that
(4) If the chance of getting loan is 50-50 then i may not gurantee, but i will still try..
(5) If any youth unemployed but seeking a small loan, then they can talk to me, i will give some trick that will definitely help you.
(6) I am not person who will give you loan but i know very well about how to get a loan and which trick should be applied to convince a bank or NBFC.
(7) I can only help in retail loan.


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