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by Arul406, Wednesday, July 28, 2021, 01:41 PM (57 days ago)

SECOND CHANNEL ICICI GLOBAL AC IS FOR OUTRIGHT SALE AC OWNER IS IN MUMBAI . AC OWNER GOT 1000 CR BALANCE IN AC. SO RATIO IS 170+30 1000 cr +700 cr goes to seller .media is 30 cr. Any one got client looking fir 2nd channel icici ac . Msg me Meeting will be in mumbai


Process for Selling the 2nd Channel 18 Digit Numeric Global Account which is linked with Chest & 1000 as Quantum: 1. Face to Face meeting between seller party as well as the buyer party to discuss about the project, negotiation over the quantum & sharing of the basic information. How much payment would be done against the deal and in which form the payments would be done will also be a point of discussion. The seller will have to carry the proof of paying capacity to buy the account in the meeting as well. 2. Seller party would need the KYC of buyer to send it to the bank for verification which would take a couple of days to achieve. Verification documents from the side of seller would be provided to the buyer, documents like bank statement, rent receipt, KYC etc. 3. An agreement would be made in between the seller and the buyer in respect to the process and the terms and conditions, if any. 4. After approval from the side of bank, the buyer would be provided with the details of VP of the seller from whom they may take a confirmation about the viability of the account, documents being completed and quantum of 1000 present in the account. 5. After the above is done, the buyer will pay off their first payment to the bank directly which would be utilized to start the process of making the buyer the bio-matrix of the account. 6. The buyer will accompany the seller the bank to verify the transfer of bio-matrix authority on the name of the buyer. The master password to enter the bank account would be held by the seller which would be handed over to the buyer after the complete agreed payment would be provided to the seller. 7. The payments to be transferred to the seller by the buyer & transfer of complete ownership of the account including the bio-matrix authority, the passwords and original documents to the buyer in a meeting to complete the selling process.

Note: 1. Initial meeting between the seller and the buyer would be done in Mumbai. 2. Process related to documentation in bank, transfer of bio-matrix authority, payments & transfer of ownership will be held at Hyderabad

Msg me at 7506269672

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