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I have object but every one is fraud. (General)

by bobby @, Wednesday, June 17, 2009, 11:41 PM (5375 days ago) @ Sameer

hi khan ji ,

very few genuine buyers are there , we can purchase your RP conditions -- 1. if you are serious then first send me the video . 2. then come down to kolkata to see my office and to know about my genuinity , on reaching kolkata our guys will take you to our office. 3. if you are satisfied and confident about your product then pay an amount of 1.5 lakhs in the company "s account , we will give you the receipt (dont deposit in any company s account , without verifying its genuinity ) 4. on the day of paying our professional charges there will be an MOU between your party and our company . 5. you can discuss whatever financial needs you want , and you can also see all the legal papers and permissions of our company to deal with the product , and after you get satisfied only , you have to prove your genuinity . 5. after paying , take the tester and move to your place . 5. the product should be brought to a place where the four wheelers can go (it will be safe for our money and also for our team) . 6. after testing the product , we will keep the product in a joint grip , and we will pay you the advance at the spot. 7. after the advance , we will take you to a nationalized bank , preferably SBI and we will keep the product in a joint locker with three keys , one with you , one with us , and the other with bank manager , until and unless all your money are not paid , we cant be able to take the product . 8. until and unless we pay you the money , neither of us can take the product. 9. the whole money transactions can be done within 15 days. 10. we will not reveal anything about the deal and we will remove any kind of information about you on the net. 11. its our companies responsibility to help you in investing , and also in providing you security .

lot of times mediators will come to us , and they will deposit the money and take the tester and go , but on the spot , the owner will not turn out ... the product will not be there .. if you want to have a deal with us then come with the direct seller , sign the legal papers , pay the professional charge and take the tester .. and after testing .. whatever your demand as discussed in our office will be fulfilled.

if you are a mediator , and not the real seller , then we will not take your money for the professional charges ... there is no question of any deal ... if you want to come , then come with the direct seller .

if you have the product in the jungle , or anywhere in the mountain , where a four wheeler cant go ... then please keep the product with yourself ... in no ways we will take any risk of our teams lives and our money...

dont put any money in any company s account without verifying its genuinity .... because lot of fake buyers only sustain on the professional charge ....

the last thing , this is not selling coke , soap , chocolate , that any company will directly declare that they are dealing with these things ... so that to invite the risk of mafia and underworld ..

if you are real and your product is genuine .. then its a promise that ... the deal is going to be in the most smoothest manner ..

in this business there are no so called appraisers or coordinators , if you have a genuine product then sit in front of the buyer or the company people and discuss whatever you want to discuss .......

if you are agreeing with the conditions then you can mail me on

regards bobby

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