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DRDO - Fraud Alert ⚠️ (General)

by Whatisthis, Thursday, May 12, 2022, 04:56 PM (5 days ago) @ quickwork

All forum members and the respected Admin , As expected We have one very "esteemed"and highly "knowledgeable" fellow in this forum who pass remarkable judgements about others and give sermons who is right or wrong , This person remains in Oblivion and is just reduced to a hoax entity in disguise , Dear members pls do expose frauds and help others in guiding and strongly condem the wrong doings but with proof,some play hide and seek games and have no idea what damage they r doing .

I understand, people r v professional and experienced in this forum and can judge in no time what the other person is saying on phone and what sense it makes .So kindly talk on phone with each other for your requirements and then decide and act .

I leave the further discussions here and don't waste my time with a fellow who doesn't seem to be Normal and don't want to keep arguing and spoil peace.

God bless you all and wishing you all in this forum the best of people and success.


Incredible India

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