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by sivakumor, Thursday, August 04, 2022, 09:34 PM (12 days ago)

What is tpf,

how its possible , y they are looking for only cash Y they are asking dd We discuss about all these now.... Here about TPF i explain in a example manor

For example there is ITC It issues, shares, as well as bonds Returns for buyers would be, Share value, Or Interest Or Dividend

Here there some guarantee retures are also there For easy process we call them as a guarantee dividend... These guarantee dividends gives protection for buyers... It returns to the buyers In monthly, quarterly half yearly and yearly ...base... Some X GOT on 1st jan..2022 shares with Guarantee benifit, in quarterly mode.... So his dividend need to be returned to his account on or before of 31st march, 2020 Here when its guarented return, company kerps the interest with them on ist of jan 2020 itself And it will return to buyer account on or before 31 march, 2022 In these 90 days for particular interest amount, which is , with the company Generates some yeild or interest .... Assume for on individual is Rs 1000 , there might be in laks... That total amount would be in crores, This crores generates crores of rupee as interest For this yeild either the company is not owner as the buyer also

This amount called as TRADE PROFIT FUND.... Now company has only two ways, as it need to show this amount in their books as a expenditure for future Or as interest for their debts Verify in Google , all major companis are not yet crosed break even..... They are earning but they nvr cross..... So all companies are going to encash in a different manor Like donation mode Or Convert into liquid...... Because of this only..... They are asking in cash.... After completing TPF transaction...... I think its lengthy but kindly understand and digest ..

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