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NREE . The genuine drdo registered RP buyer (Fake) (RP)

by tradeindia111, Monday, August 15, 2022, 12:07 PM (556 days ago) @ ankit4Truth

This post is Nothing but trying to Scam people, The website you are referring here is built of godaddy website builder and looks like a 5th Standard Student has built the same. A domain costed INR 500 and hosting for INR 1500 per year, at-least do some ground work, DO not consider the community this much stupid.

There are many instances where RBI & other government authorities said that there is no term called Rice-Puller is Legit, it is just a Way to Con and fool people to loot their money nothing else.

Nothing exist the term like Rice Puller on this earth, Stop scamming people.

I know people in this forum are either to con and loot money, or there are the people who are in need of money, they look for quick ways to make money and get trapped with someone like this post.

Please be aware that nothing like this exist, and if you will stay involved with these kind of post, you will be in bigger trouble either by losing your money, getting someone else money lost. In both cases your life will be hell and you will never ever be able to trace these people at all.

You never know who is the master mind behind and there are all long chains of middle man nothing else.

I have lost money almost 4 years back & have been in big troubles it took complete 4 years to come out from that and still have some after effect.

I request all there is No short cut of making money only hard or smart work in right direction can make you successful, never ever get in to these traps, Nothing like Rice-Puller or Trade profit fund exist, if you will google you will only find scam related news nothing more than it.

Save your energy time and money and do something which may take time but for sure results

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