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NREE . The genuine drdo registered RP buyer (Fake) (RP)

by tradeindia111, Monday, August 15, 2022, 12:45 PM (566 days ago) @ tradeindia111

Do Watch this Video 9 people of 1 family committed suicide almost 2 month before,

Do not do the mistakes which they have done and even costed not only their lives but also of the family members

Even Aaj Tak has covered the, I request to every community member here, do not get trapped with any Kind of Trade Profit Fund or Rice-Puller fascinating & Too good to be true commission stories, refer the link of Aaj Tak website

Please be aware that Rice-Puller does not exist, if this was going to be true then the Admin of this community was not going to ask anyone here to donate 10USDT, Since he is having the database of all community member here for both side, it was easiest way for him to deal and been billionaire by this time

Every large corporate have their own NGO, Be it Reliance be it Bharti Airtel or be it IOCL,

Raising funds for NGO is big time task and it needs lots of expertise of professionals, No Company is going to donate and take back cash like this

Second Chanel is nothing but just another way of fooling people who are having expertise in Photoshop and relevant software,

Chest are not used for any illegal transactions these exist for storing currency which government is looking to obsolete

Be aware and do not get scammed or become a part of scam which will create the big time mess which you will not be able to control for years,

These people use just one weak point of all of you which is called Greed, as once your greed is active you do not use logics and believe in too good to be true deals.

The people I met before 4 years were only 2 type of People

01. People who were using your greed to fool you 02. People who were in losses/debts or in urgent need of money were choosing to get rid out of their trouble in quick sessions "

I met so called Company authorities in Starbuck, ITC Maratha Hotel Mumbai in their suits, Middle man in their corporate offices in gurugram, Lots of Middles mans in CP area, Have seen all profiles of Companies, NGO, Funders who can show you cash at any point of time on Video calls, Companies Mandate asking for 7.5 lakhs Live DD and giving cheque, and many more.

Have seen 2 Instances where Funder and Company Guy came and they had fights on chicken and egg story, The quarrel starts with The statement and authorization letter they are showing is fake, company guys disputing to take him on the cash and he will RTGS done, but no one agree and We Loose money for the Bookings at both side.

In second channel it was again the same story, Name includes some Politicians as well

So Community please do not get in traps of all of these scammers, If you are in need of money pls find some works which will be legit do not involve the risk of money of your own or of someone else, Everyone have their own kind of problems in their life but every problem have an ethical and legal solutions as well

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