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Are you facing financial difficulties SCAM (ADV - Financial)

by goodwork, Thursday, September 01, 2022, 03:17 PM (691 days ago) @ needmoney

Well it was a "cash holding program". Essentially an amount would get RTGSd to my organization's bank account and a certain fraction of it would have to be RTGSd back to different entities. Remaining would be my organization's commission. All through banks, no physical cash transfer so far. All they required was us to maintain a certain amount in our bank account.

This all seemed fishy since the beginning but we waited for a certain cash advance request from them before pulling the off the plug from this entire thing, but the demand was never made. After some months they said they were ready for the transactions. However, every document we ever received from them was so unprofessional and had markings of having been made by not so educated people. Literally everything about this thing was so sus.

And as I mentioned they were never able to answer basic queries like what account header would this money go into. Sometimes they said investment but there wouldn't be any equity exchanges (?), sometimes donation - but a pvt ltd company (my org) cannot accept donations. They would come up with all sorts of reasons and throw all kinds of financial jargons, but anyone with basic financial knowledge would be able to call their BS. Also they were never able to provide any information about the donor company as well. Every thing was kept very vague, which I think was by design.

We obviously called this entire thing off. Nothing came of it. I am now just wondering what was all of this about? There was never a cash demand - no slot booking - no security deposit whatever. Part of me now thinks its probably a large scale racket facilitating mon*ney laaun*dering. And our organization was going to be an unwitting part of this. Big relief, but still curious..

What do you think?

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