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Required Receiver of Trade Profit Fund (ADV - Financial)

by Chauhanassociate0011, Tuesday, January 24, 2023, 10:40 AM (446 days ago)

KYC & Non-KYC work around India

NGO (Trust, Society, Section 8 Company) & Company (Private limited, Partnership) be up to Required.

Exchange program RTGS against Cash/Cash holding/Fixed Deposit/ Bond/ Compansation)

Indian Subsidiary Sender (Pvt.Ltd.) to Indian Receiver using Current A/c only.

Inter Country Sender to Receiver abroad work also could be done.

Premium Ratio Provided to Receiver- 12 Cr. against 5 Cr. 22 Cr. against 10 Cr. 27 Cr. against 12 Cr. 35 Cr. against 15 Cr. 48 Cr. against 20 Cr. 75 Cr. against 30 Cr. 130 Cr against 50 Cr. 290 Cr. against 100 Cr.

30% of the Sender's Principal Amount will be provided to Coordinators (A+B) Like: If Receiver is getting 12 Cr. then Coordinators will get 3.6 Cr. (TDS will be deducted, Disclaimer & NOC will be provided)

# Company will verify the Receiver's file and provide approval to take part in the exchange program at first. # After fixing the Slot, Collection executive will be at Receiver's place to Confirm the Slot, After deposition of Slot booking amount (which vary on Collateral- 15 Lac to 50 Lac) through RTGS at Sender's nominated Current A/c, Collection Executive will make & provide Live DD of the same amount to the Coordinator as Security of that amount. # After Slot Confirmation KYC Manager along with security will move to place for KYC Showcase and random varification of the cash,. Then RTGS 2% of the Sender's Principal amount. # Logistics and Security team will arrive afterward to the place and will do proper Q&Q of the cash. KYC Manager will release rest Principal amount and Coordinators commission after successful varification. # Receiver will do in and out and KYC Manager will provide softcopies of NOC, Disclaimers & 10H and move with the cash alongwith the team.

Note: Subsidiary Sender's A/c details could be provided after Slot Confirmation. Slot Booking through RTGS only is mandatory. KYC Manager may do Pullout process if required. Confirmation mail from Subsidiary Company will be provided after Slot booking.

Go through the subject and contact only if agree to follow the Terms and Conditions.

Pushpindar Chauhan Sender side Coordinator Whatsapp +91 7349719528

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