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by antonio11, Tuesday, March 14, 2023, 11:39 AM (397 days ago) @ antonio11

<-- duplicate "New topic" in one day - locked & moved here by Admin -->     NOTE*** LOAN - INVESTMENT - PROJECT FUNDING - MONETIZATION FUNDS CANNOT BE MONETIZED / PROCESSED INTO AN EMPTY WALLET ADDRESS ( wallet without leverage or transaction history ) . ONLY WALLET ADDRESS OWNERS WITH A MINIMUM OF 1 BITCOIN IN THIER WALLET CAN BE ABLE TO RECIEVE BITCOINS. ALL EMPTY WALLET ADDRESS ARE NOT ELIGIBLE FOR ANY SERVICES NEITHER CAN AN EMPTY WALLET ADDRESS BE ABLE TO RECIEVE BITCOINS . So ensure to have at least the minimal transaction leverage in your CFP wallet. 1BTC BITCOIN btc ( 10% ) is a comfortable amount to own in your wallet. ( Deposit only within your CFP Wallet) There are many fake websites claiming to be partners with us with fake links, phone numbers, and emails. A lot of people have lost their bitcoins to these unknown scammers. Please do not send funds or respond to anyone. ( Deposit only within your CFP Wallet) . You can only respond to any of our official number below Managing Director, Head of Public & Private Markets, Tell +1(917) 936-5136

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