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by Marksenthon888, Thursday, March 16, 2023, 02:40 PM (395 days ago)


RATIO FOR DOMESTIC MARKET FUND 12.CR - 20.CR + 2.CR 20.CR - 30.CR + 5.CR 25.CR - 35.CR + 5.CR 30.CR - 40.CR + 5.CR 35.CR - 50.CR + 10.CR 40.CR - 60.CR + 10.CR 50.CR - 100.CR + 50.CR 100.CR - 350.CR + 50.CR 130.CR - 450.CR + 50.CR


12.CR - 22.CR + 2.CR 20.CR - 40.CR + 5.CR 25.CR - 45.CR + 5.CR 30.CR - 55.CR + 5.CR 35.CR - 60.CR + 10.CR 40.CR - 80.CR + 10.CR 50.CR - 200.CR + 50.CR 100.CR - 400.CR + 50.CR 130.CR - 500.CR + 50.CR

SLOT AMOUNT 25.LAC for Internet banking verification on laptop

30.LAC for local bank pullout statement ( INDIAN / FOREIGN ) bank

Want cash owner only in MAHARASHTRA

No advance amount No movement charge

We don't want any money in advance our process is we are come in work location and your cash owner provide hotel accommodation and first day is your cash owner will book slot infront of my company's authorised trader and before slot my trader will provide his authorisation after your cash owner will book slot amount to our trader after same time my trader will provide you slot assurance amount in dd or cash mode ( *example* - slot amount is 10lac then my trader will provide you same amount live dd or live cash amount on joint custody ) and after slot and assurance amount my company's authorised trader will Joint custody with your cash owner on any hotel and next day my trader will provide all evidence of his company and also show his bank balance on cash owner choses process when your cash owner is cross confirm to our company then we are enter on cash room and after random confirmation trader transfer 1% rtgs amount on receiving account after trader start cash counting process when counting is complete then trader transfer all remaining amount to the receiving account when your cash owner confirm the rtgs amount then trader transfer media commission amount on any current account or proprietor ship account when all transactions is done then trader provide source of funding and after he's lift all cash amount.

If any people have genuine cash owner then contact me - +919343516692

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