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█ VARA GOLD 〓 Steps to Join (ADV - Financial)

by Admin @, Monday, July 10, 2023, 07:21 PM (379 days ago) @ Admin

Steps to get started with VARA GOLD:

1️⃣ Click this Link to Join:

2️⃣ Verify your Email: Go to › › Profile › › Edit Profile › › click on the Verify button › › Wait for some time and check your email inbox. Open the email and click on the Verify Now button.

3️⃣ USDT Fund Deposit: Enter 100 (recommended; minimum is 5 USDT; maximum no limit) and click Next Copy the USDT wallet address mentioned there and transfer the amount from your Binance account or MetaMask or any other place to that wallet address. Note that you have to use only Polygon (MATIC) network.

4️⃣ Copy the Transaction Hash (TxID on Binance) and paste it in the appropriate box at the USDT Fund Deposit page. Keep in mind that if you have transferred, or example 99.87 USDT, open the USDT Fund Deposit link again and enter the correct amount that you have transferred. Submit if after entering the Transaction Hash. You may or may not upload the screenshot of the transaction.

5️⃣ The website support will verify the transaction and add it to your user account. It may take some time. If you have entered an incorrect amount, they will reject your submission and you will have to simply submit it again mentioning the correct amount. They will not notify you after verifying (correct amount) or rejecting (wrong amount) your submission. So, you will have to keep checking.

6️⃣ Buy Package: Once you have the amount in your user account, you can click on Buy Package and click on the package which you want to buy. Click on the Buy button on the next page, and you are ready to see prosperity in your life.

7️⃣ Global Royalty Reward: If you have taken a 100 USDT Package (as recommended), from next day you will start getting up to 1% Global Royalty Reward in your user account. This comes to maximum 1 USDT every day! Sometimes this can be less. You will get Global Royalty Reward along with Big Bang Reward till the time you get 3 times reward of your package value.

8️⃣ Big Bang Reward: You will get this Big Bang Reward from 5 people who have joined VARA GOLD before you and 5 people who have joined VARA GOLD after you, i.e. from 10 people.

9️⃣ Referral Reward: It is not necessary to refer anyone to VARA GOLD, but if you do, you will get Referral Reward. Watch the video to know more about this.

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