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ICICI Bank's Second Channel Account 2023 Opening Process (ADV - Financial)

by Pratz, Monday, November 20, 2023, 12:42 PM (244 days ago)

We are pleased to announce the launch of ICICI Bank's Second Channel Services, a groundbreaking initiative aimed at enhancing convenience and efficiency in financial transactions. This service, introduced as an extension of off-ledger account opening in 2018, offers a Direct Link to Open H2H Second Channel accounts tailored for high-value transactions, donations, inward remittances, and HOST 2 HOST transactions in virtual accounts.

Domain Account (Numeric 18 Digit) D2D,C2C,H2H, R2R

Key Features:

Purpose-specific Accounts: The Second Channel accounts are designed to facilitate high-value transactions, donations, inward remittances, and HOST 2 HOST transactions, ensuring a seamless and specialized banking experience.

Virtual Account Options: Choose from a range of virtual account options, each meticulously crafted to meet the diverse needs of our valued customers.

Competitive Pricing: Enjoy the benefits of these advanced services with pricing starting from INR 7,10,000/- for the BASIC ACCOUNT variant, ensuring cost-effectiveness and value for your investment.

International Trading Platform Access: Avail yourself of the exclusive opportunity to access international trading platforms, supported by 5000 Crores Points, providing a direct linkage to the global financial markets.

Dedicated Relationship Manager: Benefit from personalized assistance and expert guidance with a dedicated relationship manager, ensuring that your banking experience is smooth and tailored to your unique requirements.

Direct Point of Contact: Connect directly with our esteemed banker, Mr. Ashish Roy, who will serve as your point of contact for all matters related to the Second Channel Services.

We believe that these enhancements will significantly elevate your banking experience, providing you with unparalleled access and convenience in managing your financial transactions.

For further details and assistance, please feel free to reach out to Mr. Ashish Roy, your dedicated contact at ICICI Bank.

+91-9966468608 (WHATSAPP ONLY)

Thank you for choosing ICICI Bank for your banking needs.

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