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by bobby @, Sunday, July 26, 2009, 11:45 AM (4442 days ago) @ Rangaraj

Hi mr. rangaraj,

thanks for writing the company name and address , now atleast people in the rice puller forum can know that i am not fake , and why i will think that i am the only genuine person in this site ? if anybody here is genuine , then let them prove and for your kind information , like others i am not asking any money to anyone , i am suggesting to seller that , only by checking the licences and credbility of the company , either you put professional charges , dont put money without knowing them . if any body is from genuine company , then they should have genuine proof of funds , licences , etc. if a company is unable to show the papers , then why sellers should enter into any kind of illegal deals ... see faking as a seller and getting company information and posting on a website is ok. but if you are genuine .. then please prove your genuinity and materials genuinity , we are always ready to show our papers ... if any other company is ready to show their licences and papers ... then you are free to do with anyone .

its a blog site , here you can write anything , your views , your experiences , till now i am in touch with lots of sellers , and i know that what they had faced , thats why i always suggest people to check buyers identity and papers before paying professional charges .

thanks for your suggestions , if you have any better way of deal , then you can suggest us even.



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