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STOP criticizing each other (General)

by m.r.martin durai @, bangalore, Sunday, August 09, 2009, 02:40 PM (4370 days ago) @ Admin

Dear sir ADMIN, This forum is not criticize others . ok . Are u encouraging cheaters to cheat others. I am not mentioning here any one as a cheater(kinly make a note).

There is very less people buying these curio items. are u try to verify at any time, at least before or after publishing the contact details to confirm them. NO..., but any criticize came . u will do edit.

This is forum to express the views . ok. i am clicking adds at all time to visit this page ,because u are helping others, we should help u.

I (Even eveyone) am condemns the use of vulgar language or blind criticize to others. but anyone lose anything to anyone , let them express views to others with proper justification and proof.

It will help to reduce loss to every one or We may think that u also invoving with them to cheat others.


m.r.martin durai

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