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BLACK MONEY AGENT CALL=09949692200 (ADV - Financial)

by Girish @, Hyderabad, Monday, October 15, 2012, 05:04 PM (3175 days ago) @ EMRAN


1. UnSecured Loan Method (Minimum: 300 crores) ============================================= a) Liquid Cash - Commission 20% (Finally U could get (total amount less commission) b) IInd Channel Receipt - Finally U could get ur total amount as a white.....**

2. Private Placement Programme(PPP) ================================= 45 days Holding Programme... We will give 4 times on your investment if ur current a/c in hsbc. (For eg: If u invest 10 crores u could get 40 crores)** Minimum Investment:10 crores If ur current a/c other than hsbc We will give 2 times on your investment.

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