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Urgently we need genuine rp buyer (coimbatore or chennai)... (RP)

by srinivasan chethan @, bangalore, Friday, November 02, 2012, 05:42 AM (3199 days ago) @ Seller's media

goodmorinig sir i am chethan frm bangalore we have already done an locked a material of 32 inch in le meridian hotel .

let me tel abt our proceudre an company we work for only 3 companays

1.<-- text removed by Admin on request by the affected party --> berlin Germany. (V.V.barrar). 2.KRISTAL GMBH. Germany. 3.ALEXZANDRIA Inc. (SAM BOUNSULE)

1st day our funder tester or company tester wil cme test the material it shuld b a free show time 8AM to 9AM .He wil perform 2 test later after confirmation with in noon 5 pm same day u wil get token .If IT was in bangalore city with in 3 hrs u wil get 5+5 crore as advance as it is in coimbatore it wil take time.funder wil cme do the MOU an make it as joint custody.

FRM day 2 to 4 tat is 72hrs were the company wil take atlest3 days time to come until the company comes to test we wil b paying u each day 25 crore were ever u tel us.

4TH day when the company comes for test an confirm the material they wil pay you 10 cr white money.

5th day te company wil cme with an agreement copy an letters an make the agrrement in sub register office after the procedure u wil get 190 crore white in to ur seller account .

it wil take max 31 working days for transaction to get closed sir .

tis is our rules an how we work if ur intrstd to do busines call me 09980410995 it wil b either 80/20 or 60/40 ratio no business wil b done in complet white tat is 100 percent u cant do sir anyone who tells you like tat tat means they are fake. valge valamudan thank u .

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