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Private Placement Program (ADV - Financial)

by Chief, Tuesday, March 21, 2023, 02:34 PM (486 days ago)

Eligibility of the Receiver

(Docs - KYC)
Members KYC
Request Letter
IT Return (3 years)
Audit Report (3 years)
Bank Statement (6 months)
Niti Aayog Registration (NGO)
Complete Project Report
Cancelled Cheque

(Docs - Non KYC)
Cancelled Cheque

Cash Collateral/
Cash Holding/
Compensation Amount in Account.

02 - 04
03 - 06
05 - 10
10 - 22
15 - 35
20 - 48
30 - 75
50 - 130
100- 290

30% of the Donation/ Investment amount will be provided to the Facilitators (A+B/ A+B+C) after deducting TDS (NOC, Disclaimers will be provided)

Donation/Investment will be provided through Indian Subsidiary Company.

1. File Login
2. Financial Verification
3. Approval and Slot & Location Finalization
4. Receiver will book Flight Ticket for Collection Executive
5. Collection Executive will be at the Location with Authorization Letter, personal identity, Cheque Leaves and Demand Draft Form.
6. Receiver will RTGS the Movement Charge to the Nominated A/c for Slot Confirmation and Collection Executive will make a Demand Draft of the same amount and Hand over that to the Facilitator.
6. Mail Confirmation of the Slot confirmation from Sender's corporate mail will be sent.
7. KYC Manager will reach with Authorization Letter, Personal identity, Corporate identity and Collection Executive will leave the Location. Two Security Personals without arm will assist KYC Manager.
8. KYC Showcase.
9. After KYC Showcase KYC Manager will visit the Cash Collateral for random verification.
10. After Random Verification KYC Manager will RTGS 1% - 2% of the Donation/Investment amount.
11. Q&Q team, Logistic Team alongwith Security will reach to the Location and start doing Proper quality and quantity check.
12. After confirmation of the collateral KYC Manager will initiate the rest Donation/ Investment amount to the Receiver's A/c.
13. Facilitators Commission will be initiated to the beneficiary A/c at the same time.
14. Soft copies all the Docs, NOC, Disclaimers, 10H etc. will be provided through email at the same time.
15. After verification and authentication of the transferred amount KYC Manager, Logistics will move from the Location with the collateral.

1. Transaction will happen only through Current A/c.
2. If required details of the Indian Subsidary Sender Pvt. Ltd. Company could be provided to verify the balance after Slot Confirmation.
3. In case of insufficient balance (with proper proof) in the A/c of Sender Company Sender is liable to pay 1% penalty.
4. Movement Charge will be adjusted after successful completion of work.
5. Movement Charge for Slot Confirmation is mandatory.

Mandatory Movement Charge:

Upto 29 Cr. (Receivers Collateral) is 15 Lakhs
Upto 49 Cr. (Receivers Collateral) is 25 Lakhs
Upto 99 Cr. (Receivers Collateral) is 35 Lakhs
100 Cr and above (Receivers Collateral) is 50 Lakhs.

Transfer of Donation/Investment amount to the overseas A/c also could be done. In such cases Movement Charge will be double.

Contact only with full understanding of the Terms and Conditions.

If agree to do the work by following the terms and conditions only contact then.

+91 7627825260

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