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Blacklisted Companies from past 10 years till 2024 (RP)

by Wishmasterrp24, Tuesday, July 09, 2024, 02:01 PM (10 days ago)

Blacklisted Companies from past 10 years till 2024

1.NUKEM GROUP – self employed uneducated MD-Rajib Mukherjee and self employed India Head Mr. Amol Joshi, everyone knows Both are Big, Bigger and Biggest cheater and fraud ever. and the persons who interact with NUKEM GROUP or Rajib Mukherjee will be included in police investigation.CAUTION!!!!
2. IOTAIN ( CEO IN INDIA – DR. SATENDRA KUMAR KUSHWAHA)- Operation Head- Mr. Vashane, Technical Analyser/Nuclear Chemist Head- Mr. Gupta, Senior Scientist/Metallurgist- Mr. Mahesh, Co-Funder- Mr. Nithani Agarwal. Frauding website: Operating all these business only from the LUKHNOW CITY (UP). All are CHEATER. So, guys don’t put feet in this company and do not believe and trust on such kind of fake, fraud and cheater companies and persons. CAUTION !!!
3. (MD- <-- text removed by Admin on objection by the affected party -->)- is a most biggest FRAUD and CHEATER ever. Don’t believe and trust on this Company and also of this operating guys. If you invest anyhow or for any purpose, then the amount will be 100 percent forfeit. This Company only operated from KOLKATA CITY. May has other branches, but all are open to make FRAUD. . So, guys don’t put feet in this company and do not believe and trust on such kind of fake, fraud and cheater companies and persons.
4. RADISSUN GLOBAL ENERGY (KOLKATA) ( MD – PANKAJ GANERIWALA)– This is money sucking company and BIGGEST FRAUD. Anybody can ask him what kind item he trades and whether he has GST no or not because any established company should have GST no.CAUTION!!!
5.GERMAN METAL TRADING ASSOCIATION – (so called)- Extremely road class so called MD MOHON MONDAL alias SHAYEB a MUSLIM guy – a big, bigger and biggest fraud and cheater.. He does not have any office and belong any portfolio. He runs the cheating business on road and in setting hotel telling lie another office in Mumbai. He made a duplicate Aadhaar Card in the name of MOHON MONDAL instead of Shayeb as Muslim Guy. The person who hide his identity means a great cheater. So, guys never believe and trust MOHON MONDAL alias SHAYEB. Police Investigation is going on against him and the persons who interact with MOHON MONDAL alias SHAYEB will be included in police investigation.
6.ANTIQUES RADIATION ( so called MD-SHAMOL SARDAR–PHILLIP SARDAR)– So, guys do not put feet in this company as well as do not believe and trust on SHAMOL SARDAR- PHILLIP SARDAR as well as so called ANTIQUES RADIATION – ANTIQUE WORLD company. CAUTION!!!
7. BOOOOGUS UNIQUE WORLD ( so called MD-ISMAIL LASKAR alias ROHIT LASKAR ) –everyone knows Mr. ISMAIL LASKAR is a number 1 and famous cheater and fraud ever- three to five F I R has already been registered on him due to fraud and cheating case in LALBAZAR – kolkata police head quarter and police investigation is going on. First he runs several companies i.e. I.M.S. and others and in I.M.S. he was MR. REDDY and when the kolkata police closed his office due to fraud case, after couple of days he changes the name of the company and name- this is the first symptom of cheater and fraud. The persons who contact with ISMAIL LASKAR will be included in police investigations. So, guys don’t put feet in his office and don’t blind faith and trust on ISMAIL LASKAR.
8. I.A.E.A [BHAVA & NASHA] (MD- NILADRI BHATTACHARJEE & SOMNATH) – Police investigation is going on (This guy is so called scientist with a little knowledge – cheats the innocent guys with planning) CAUTION !!!
9.MERIDIAN (MD- AYUSHMAN MALIK /Phone No. 7501122291), Biggest LIAR & KINNAR of this company is PARESH SURYAKANT SHAH (CO-ORDINATOR from Ahmedabad, GUJARAT), Address: ABCUS BUILDING, UNIT No.-733, PLOT No.- 11E/23, New Town, Kolkata- 700156. ALL are super FRAUD. Never do any investment in this COMPANY, otherwise FORFEIT all your money in the name of work.
10. BAEXIM ( MD-T D MONDAL)– Road class cheater- He has already collected huge money from common people, saying – huge amount which is blocked in RBI will be given to each common people as listed beneficiary endorsed by him ( T D Mondal)and to fulfill this purpose he made several duplicate government papers including RBI where the sign and stamp are duplicate which is illegal and non-bail able offence. So guys beware of this kind of person.
12.PREMIERE CORPORATE (MD- RAJIB MUKHERJEE)-Police investigation going on

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