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It is too much bobby (General)

by Keta varghese @, India, Monday, July 27, 2009, 02:11 AM (4388 days ago)

Hai, man, first you proof your genuinity. Then ask for other Genuine
Most of the RP members know the genuine companies. and aslo know you
are a big fraud.

Please stop it.

Keta Varghese.

It is too much bobby

by bobby @, Monday, July 27, 2009, 11:22 AM (4388 days ago) @ Keta varghese

hi keta varghese,

who is telling that we are not ready to prove ?
we are only suggesting to beware about those fraud companies , which is harassing lot of people , like others we are not asking money to people to deposit in our company account , we are telling them to come check our papers , certificates , funds , check us whether we can deal or not , then if you are satisfied and you have genuine item with you , then take us to your place .
everyday we are getting lots of queries , people asking us to come , but lot many times even we send someone then there would be no items or original items ,
if you know about genuine companies then you do it , why are you complaining against me ,
i am not trying to cheat anyone , if you think we are cheaters , then there is no need of deal , go and try with other companies . Its simple.

tell me , if those companies for real , then if they have proper permission then why ugly incidents are happening ?

actual sellers know what i am speaking , what message i want to spread .

so thanks for writing against me.

take care

It is too much bobby/ your company also fake

by Rangaraj @, Tuesday, July 28, 2009, 10:44 PM (4386 days ago) @ bobby

Dear Bobby, your mentioning your company is inter national power antique center at kolkatta you are given phone no. 033- 22280423 your MD is Susant Gupta when I called this ph no. it is wrong no. your company also fake. in future you are given any thing in this forum it is 100% fake. hence I request to the ADMIN of this forum do not given any room to such a kind of persons.

It is too much bobby/ your company also fake

by bobby @, Wednesday, July 29, 2009, 09:17 AM (4386 days ago) @ Rangaraj

hi mr. rangaraj,

whatever information had been given to you are right , but this is a forum , this is not a telephone or address directory , to write our phone no. ,
we had cleared our views , if you want come to the office , and check with us ,
and like others we are not asking you to deposit ,

if you are genuine then why dont you come to the office , you know the address now , and for your phone calls , for the last 2 days an average of 40 calls during office hours are coming , whats this ? who had given you permission to write the company phone no. ?

ask other persons in the blog to give their company address and phone no. , go to their offices to check their papers and genuinity , if they are willing to show then go for them .

take care

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